Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A plea, from me.

Hey there, campers! Heather from HVM Designs here. I kind of wish I was camping right now.

Look what I did to my full length mirror today!

It's a pretty break, isn't it? You're wondering how I made it break that way, right? Well.

I have this really elaborate way of photographing my work for my etsy listings. I basically take self portraits, using the mirror behind the camera, so that I can see the preview screen of my camera while attempting to set up the shot. I feel pretty strongly about having human models, rather than static displays, because things get more hits in my shop when there's a someone modeling them.

The full-length mirror/tripod/self-portrait method is fine when I'm photographing necklaces or earrings, but it gets a lot more complicated when the items are rings and bracelets. I need two hands free to make this whole crazy scheme successful. So, in trying to get a shot like this:

I broke the mirror.

Here's my plea: if you are local, and have nice (and that definition is broad- you don't have to have long, perfectly manicured nails or anything- check out my hand, above) hands, and are available during the day, I need a model. I need this person really soon, and possibly, if it works out well, once a month or so on an ongoing basis. I can pay in my work, baked goods, or any other barter type dealie (that's legal).

You can email me at hvmdesigns AT gmail DOT com if you're interested! Thanks!

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