Monday, August 24, 2009

Baltidome: Check it out!

Here's a Baltimore based website to keep on your favorites list:

Baltidome is a website which focuses on greening it up in Baltimore city! You'll find links to artists that specialize in upcycled art & design as well as listings of antique and vintage shops . Thinking of throwing out that cat scratched chair or your favorite shoes w/ the worn out soles? Baltidome includes a list of restoration services, like re-upholstery and shoe repair, as well as bike and computer repair shops!

Never ridden public transportation in Baltimore? Don't be intimidated, Baltidome has some tips for first-timers.

Looking to downsize but don't know where to start? Baltidome has a listing of places to donate or sell items you no longer need, so they don't end up in a landfill! And what about those items that you don't know how to dispose of like batteries, light bulbs, building scrap...RECYCLE 'em!

Check it out! There is a wealth of info here, wrapped up in a pretty package...Baltidome, brainchild of longtime resident Tina Carroll, is chock full of fun collages/drawings that make clicking around all the more worthwhile!

And if that weren't enough to keep you busy, don't forget to check out the Baltidome Blog!

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