Thursday, March 17, 2011

No Desk is Too Messy for Good Photos!

Are you putting off taking better photos of your work because your space is too messy? Here's some inspiration from CCCM friend Juliet Ames of The Broken Plate Pendant Co.

Juliet breaks plates- which, as you can imagine, is a little messy. But her photos are clear, bright, and showcase her work beautifully:

Here's how she takes her photos:

Don't let your messy studio deter you from taking great photos! Throw a sheet over it, set up a lightbox in an old cardboard box, and get a tripod! Even when the sun isn't bright enough you can get great pics by steadying your camera.

The Broken Plate Pendant Co. makes contemporary jewelry and housewares out of recycled china. Readymade jewelry can be found on at her Etsy shop Information on custom orders and show schedule can be found at
Thanks, Juliet, for the photos!

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Carly said...

This is a most excellent post. I think it's helpful to see the calm that can emerge from chaos if you put your blinders on. Yay, Val and yay, Juliet!