Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Cool Grant Opportunity!

Looking to apply for more arts grants? Want to make a printmaking project?
From our friends at the supercool all-things-Printmaking related blog Printeresting in Baltimore comes: A MICRO-GRANT!! See below for details straight from the Printeresting Blog itself:

"Here’s the deal: Printeresting will give someone (or a group of someones) $250 to make something happen. That’s our criteria. It’s not a fortune but for a lot of us it could be the difference between idea and reality. If you read the site, you know what we like: interesting print projects. It’s that simple! Oh, and from the grant recipient, of course we’ll expect a follow-up report about the completed project to share with our readers. So if you’ve got a project in need of patronage, make the case in writing. Of course, you can send images, too. Our email address is: contact@printeresting.org. The deadline for submission is midnight on October 15th."

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