Monday, October 24, 2011

Annex Theater Presents 3 Penny Opera

Annex Theater Presents: Three Penny Opera!

Opens November 11th

Autograph Playhouse

9 W. 25th Street

Baltimore, MD

(for tickets - click here)

We are SO excited about this new play! Read below from our pals from the Annex Theater in Baltimore!

"The exciting new adaptation of Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill’s classic musical will be performed November 10th-20th at the newly reopened Autograph Playhouse at 9 W. 25th Street as part of the Annex Theater’s first full season focusing on Myth and Power Dynamics.

Under the direction of Evan Moritz (CITYPAPER Best of Baltimore, Best Director, 2010) and the musical direction of Walker Teret (Celebration, Walker and Jay), The Threepenny Opera will be the Annex Theater’s most ambitious project to date and includes the use of interactive video elements, a full band, and large-scale costume and set designs.

First performed in Berlin in 1928, productions of The Threepenny Opera declined with the rise of Nazism, due in no small part to the strong critique of the exploitation of the destitute by the powerful featured within the play. Adding to the successful production history the play has enjoyed since that time, the Annex Theater’s adaptation of this genre-bending musical focuses less on political Fascism, and more on the various ways in which powerful technologies push us from our fellow man and our own humanity."

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