Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Coupla Wicked Important Notes!

A Public Service Announcement from Your Resident Massachusetts-Born Mafiosa!!

[okay, this message has absolutely nothing to do with where I grew up except for the fact that...seriously, who says, "wicked" any more besides Mass-holes?]

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This is important! The Charm City Craft Mafia will love you THIS MUCH if you take note of the following reminders.

1) If you are applying to be a vendor at Pile of Craft (and you ARE) please be aware that the application is finicky and/or not functional when using Google Chrome as your browser. Avoid Google Chrome! We apologize for the inconvenience, but please use another browser such as Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer when applying. We highly recommend Firefox. If you don't have Firefox installed on your computer, just hop over to the website and follow the easy instructions to download it for free. Or get a friend to help you!

2) Also very important! When preparing your images to apply for Pile of Craft, you must size them appropriately. Our guidelines in the application say that your images must be no larger than 600 pixels in either dimension and should be set to 72dpi. For those who are not familiar with sizing digital photos, the 'Help' menu on your photo imaging software is your friend.

Typically what you do is this:
  • Open your image in your editing software (Photoshop, Gimp, whatever you use)
  • Click on "Image" in the menu
  • A drop-down menu will appear
  • Most likely you will pick "Image Size." Sometimes it will say something like "Scale Image" or "Size Image" depending on your software. Click till you find the choice that brings you a little box that gives you options to change the size of your image
  • Enter 72 in the box that says "DPI" or "PPI." It's talking about dots-per-inch or pixels-per-inch, and it matters.
  • If the numbers in the 'length' and 'width' boxes are larger than 600 pixels, you must change them to 600 pixels. Change the longest side. The other side should automatically change proportionally. If it doesn't, you may need to click something that says "Constrain Proportions" or something to that effect.
  • BE SURE TO NOTE WHETHER YOUR DIMENSIONS ARE BEING MEASURED IN PIXELS OR INCHES (or some other crazy thing). There will be a little drop-down menu for this, too. We want 600 PIXELS (or smaller).

I know this is kinda crazy and a little overwhelming for folks who aren't very comfortable around computers, but I guarantee...if your images are too big and they take a half hour to load on our jury's computers, you will not score highly. Get a friend to help. Google how to resize photos in your particular photo editing software. So important.

In conclusion:

No Google Chrome. Try Firefox instead.
Size your images correctly and get help if you need it.
Apply to Pile of Craft! The deadline is the 22nd, people!!


Carly(bird Weaves)

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