Friday, July 13, 2012


Mafia member, Michael Bracco of SPAGHETTI KISS not only designs and prints strange, sci-fi apparel, he also writes and draws strange sci-fi graphic novels like NOVO and ADAM WRECK. Recently, Michael has been working on a brand new book project called THE CREATORS and he has been running a KICKSTARTER campaign to get the finances together to print his first full color book.  click on over to see a video trailer on the KICKSTARTER page.

THE CREATORS is a story about a small portion of the world's young population who suddenly develop the power to bring their imaginations to life through their drawings.  This power is simultaneously awesome and extraordinarily dangerous as Creators are only limited by their imaginations and are driven by their emotions.

So go and check it out. If you like what you see you can pre order the book along with some other great stuff like tees, other books by Michael and even original custom made artwork!
Concept Art from THE CREATORS
The CREATORS, Page 5
Mr HugZ - Concept Art
Michael Bracco's KICKSTARTER campaign runs until 1:30 PM on July 24th

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