Monday, February 9, 2009

Baltimore on a Budget.

I know the green stuff has been a majorly dark cloud on every one's mind lately but through my contribution to the CCCM blog I hope to offer some ideas for stretching your dollar while enjoying all the charm that Baltimore has to offer. Last week I made some suggestions for valentines that support local crafters while keeping to a budget. Today I would like to share some tips for eating out (think date night?) without breaking the bank. There are still lots of great deals in the Charm City where you can go for a tasty meal, after all, we're not New York yet!
Did you know that Clementine, the super cute and tasty new addition to Harford Road serves a killer brunch? Dates don't always have to be at night right? Next weekend make a trip to Hamilton and enjoy an egg casserole with a side of famous cheese grits or a plate of really yummy french toast with apple infused maple syrup, both are just 5 bucks! They also boast a homemade muffin for $2.25 or bagel and homemade cream cheese for just $2.50. Top off your meal with a cup of Zeeke's coffee, organic, fair trade and free refils for just $1.50.
Looking for a lite bite? The Parkside, also located on Harford Rd, makes a delicious flatbread pizza for $8 on Tuesday nights and a very gourmet house salad,$6, with sauteed shallots, figs and goat cheese crumbles. The salad was so delicious my mom and I ordered another one to eat for "dessert"! Order both and split them for a yummy meal for 2 for under $20. If you go on Saturday night you can take advantage of the $1 Boh special and Thursday they offer vegetarian specials as well as drink specials:) Another plus? They are open late most nights and feature a section in the back dedicated to local crafts and baked goods.
Sweet tooth? Check out the Desert Cafe in Mt. Washington for their irresistible case of homemade desserts. They change weekly but you can look here to find out what they are currently serving. Bonus? Go on Saturday night to check out the belly dancer who circulates the dining area twirling swords and shimming around the tables.
So here are just a few of my suggestions for a cheap date out. If you have more (I'm sure you do!) add them below in the comments.
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