Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hello Craft & The ACC show!

Tina Seamonster and the folks of Hello Craft have really outdone themselves this winter, setting up the Hello Craft website, running a great craft blog, and creating a very addicting crafty Podcast that we can all listen to for FREE on their site, at any time. And just to turn up justification for our plug of this new site one more notch...we'll remind you that these are the same heroes behind Crafty Bastards Craft Fair in Adams Morgan & Silver Spring. Where do they get all this energy?

In the latest episode of the Hello Craft podcast, the Hello Craft gals took stories from 3 local crafters who will be showing at the American Craft Council show this week! Caitlin of Rebound Designs, Rania of Goshdarnknit, and our very own fellow mafiosa, Shannon of Sweet Pepita! It's a great podcast - so if you get the chance- go take a listen.

All three of this episode's contributors, as well as the ladies of Hello Craft will be at the ACC show this week in Baltimore.
For more info on the ACC show, visit
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