Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Mid-week inspiration

Like many of us, I'm sure, I love to visit Tamara's blog, Block Party Press, for inspiration.  I especially love how she walks her readers through her creative process- it's such a personal thing, and Tamara shares so openly.  

It was a special treat today when I read her post about how she creatively upcycled some catalogs she had laying around.  I immediately thought of the piles of color stacks I've been cutting from catalogs for some time now... thanks for the great idea, Tamara!  This is such a great example of a way to step away from your "marriage" craft and take a little break with a "mistress" craft- as discussed in the comments.  So, if you're stuck in a rut with your spousal craft, hop into bed with something else for a bit, it might inspire you more than you could imagine!  

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