Friday, May 1, 2009

Weekend Fun

As always, lots to see and do this weekend.

Happy Birthday to our Hampden friend, Shine Collective! Shine will be celebrating their 7th birthday this evening with a reception of new collages by Emily c-d.

Also tonight is Meet the Members, an exhibition featuring work by 10 members of the Hexagon Community. I'll have a small fiber piece there, and I'm completely excited to be showing with my other Hexagon colleagues. Following the reception, the Hexagon is hosting a homemade dance music party in which local electronic musicians will DJ sets of their very own DIY dance tunes!

On Friday and Saturday, come check out the Flower Mart around the Washington Monument in Mt. Vernon. If you're in the neighborhood on Saturday, stop by the Contemporary Museum and be a part of history with their Time Capsule project.

Later on Saturday, you can check out Decoy at the Creative Alliance, featuring work by Kendra Hebel, Robert Horvath, Paul Jeanes, Michael Mansfield, Jenny Mullins, and Kimberly Ruppert.

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