Friday, November 27, 2009

Holiday Heap Vendor - The Candy Thief

Speaking of headwear, (and felt for that matter).... are you not drooling over these headpieces by The Candy Thief? This is one vendor that we actually squeal over at jury-meetings each year. We then get distracted, and talk about all the things we've already purchased from Casey Dwyer (the one woman factory behind this spectacular shop) and how we're gonna up that collection ASAP (okay, maybe we don't say that...but it's what we're all thinking, right team?) These headbands are the perfect cross between the urge to play dressup, and the urge to function like an adult. Beware the power-boost of positivity you will feel when you get a good look at yourself in the mirror with one on. Not to mention the steady stream of compliments.

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