Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Holiday Craft Fair Time!

Richmond Craft Mafia's handmade holiday show

It's Holiday Craft Fair application time already, and deadlines are already passing by! our own HOLIDAY HEAP is due THIS FRIDAY!!!!! We don't want you to miss out, so here's a shortlist of the MANY fairs in the area & beyond that we think are worth applying to! (got a good one we missed? email and tell us!):

Holiday Heap - December 4 - Baltimore (due October 8)
Merry Mart - December 5 - Baltimore (due October 11)
One of a Kind Show & Sale - November 11-14 - New York (ASAP)
Handmade Holiday - December 12 - Richmond, VA (Due October 20)



Tasha McKelvey said...

The Handmade Holiday Application has been extended to Oct. 24th :)

Tasha McKelvey said...
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