Friday, October 22, 2010

Open Studio Tour!

I would venture to say that most artists in Baltimore would be thrilled to invited you into their studios just about any day of the week for a cup of tea, or a coupla Bohs, especially if you had some dollars burning a hole in your pocket, but you know... that can be a little intimidating for some, and what if you don't have dollars but you just have a giant crush on a local artist (art crush, romantic crush...we don't judge) and want to see what makes them tick? Enter School 33's annual Open Studio Tour!

Sadly, I won't be able to participate this year (I swear it has nothing to do with the fact that my studio is in desperate need of a vacuum and a mop), but if I were around this weekend I'd be sure to take a look at the following studios in all their art-makingest glory:

... and sometimes people who aren't technically part of the tour will have their door ajar, too, so don't miss this opportunity to barge right in...

For more info, go to School 33 and get it.

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