Thursday, May 19, 2011

It's time to Get Down

Something very special is happening tonight at 2640 St Paul St in Charles Village: the inaugural Baltimore Get Down. Created to fill a gap in Baltimore's adult funtime, the Get Down is a 3-hour dance party for anyone who wants to 'get down, shake ass, free the collective spirit, and raise the roof.'

Anyone who has looked for a place to dance in Baltimore knows that the pickings can be slim. Either underground, after-hours or meat-markety, our club and dance party scene can be fun but tough to tap in to if you have young kids or a day job. That frustration led creators Susan Koch Hughes and Diana Keener to develop the concept of a party where 'grown-ups' can shake it loose and still be in bed by 11.

So: calling all grown-ups who want to get down! Tonight, May 19th at St John's Church from 7-10pm you can pay $10 to dance to 3 hours of eclectic, butt-moving music. No alcohol and NO PARKING ON THE DANCE FLOOR! See you there.

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