Thursday, May 12, 2011

Shapenote Sisters, Orfeia, Starry Mountain Singers

Here is a video of the Starry Mountain Singers performing a Svan (Georgian) circle dance that will blow your mind. Wait for it. It gets really good in the second half. :)

Join Starry Mountain Singers, Orfeia, and Baltimore's own Shapenote Sisters for an evening of traditional music at Creative Alliance tomorrow, Friday the 13th.

And on Saturday! Singing workshop (also at CA) led by the Starry Mountain Singers! You'll learn a variety of vocal techniques and songs from the various regions of this group's repertoire (to include music spanning four continents)!

Go to Creative Alliance here to purchase your tickets for the concert and to register for the workshop!


Carly said...

Make sure you have your sound up because they sing, too!

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