Wednesday, April 1, 2009


It's allergy season in Baltimore. Most everyone I know has become a Zyrtec zombie, which is preferable to the brain-eating kind of zombie, but still...

Springtime is beautiful everywhere, but I think it's particularly special here. This morning, walking through Druid Hill Park, the birds were singing and chirping and whistling, reminding me just how quiet winter time is. We're lucky here, to have all the convenience and community and culture of an urban center and the beauty and serenity and calm of acres upon acres of green space.

As it gets warmer and warmer still and just plain hot, we'll take refuge in the shade of ancient trees. It's like 10 degrees cooler in the park. So we'll push through this hay fever allergy ick, because in the long run it's worth it. Go outside and see for yourself!

Attend the Spring Open House at The Howard Peters Rawlings Conservatory and Botanic Gardens in Druid Hill Park this Saturday from 2-4pm.

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