Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Creative Spaces

Ever since I made the gradual transition from housemate/squatter to Grown Up Living Alone, I have been obsessed with turning my home studio into the perfect space. As it is, my work area is just a tiny partitioned corner of my living room, but I'm still dreaming. I like to cruise various flickr groups and Tumblrs for home/studio design inspiration... I am far from being an organized person, and I just love seeing how well-designed and tidy and cute, to boot, these spaces are. A few faves:

from Jenny B of AllSorts

from Julochka in the Creative Spaces pool

Do you have a saucy studio space that makes you proud? Or have you book marked any from blogs that make you droooool? Share 'em in the comments! This slow trickle of spring weather makes me want to re-vamp my modest little nook.


Carly said...

Phu, I love this post. My studio is a total work in progress--but spring inspires me to try to get it together. My favorite part of my studio (besides my beloved looms) is this orange cabinet that I store my threads in. I love organizing and reorganizing my threads. And this is exciting: my threads don't fit anymore!
(Scroll down to see said goofy orange cabinet from the goodwill)


julochka said...

cool! thanks for linking to my flickr pic! my studio space is definitely a work in progress or more accurately ever-changing. :-) glad it inspired!