Thursday, May 17, 2012

Transmodern Festival 5/17-20

Love Parade from Transmodern Fest 2011 from FluidMovement

It's time again for The (9th Annual) Transmodern Performance Festival May 17-20th, 2012 in Baltimore! We're so blown away by the uniqueness of this festival each year that we aren't even sure where to START describing it. Luckily, we're allowed to let the festival's official press release do the talking for us: "This year’s Transmodern Festival is pleased to announce the very singular experience F.E.A.S.T. (food entertaining as specious theatre). F.E.A.S.T. is a culinary extravaganza taking place in the back of Current Space on Thursday, Friday and Saturday night between 8 and 10:30. This performative regalement has limited seating for an unlimited superlative aural, visual and palatable experience. Each night Tyson Alley will host Alley OOOOPs an array of projections, installations and performances by Bethany Dinsick, Meg Rorison, Omar MrOz, Sam Shea, Graham Coreil-Allen, and many more throughout the night to enliven this beautiful corridor between Franklin St. and Saratoga St. The D:Center and The 14Karat Cabaret will be featuring local and national artists. Friday night at The 14Karat Cabaret is the Fashion Extravaganza The Body X-tended featuring Eric F. Avery, The Dandy Vagabonds, Lurch and Holler among others, while upstairs in the D:Center@MAP the Effervescent Collective will dance with and around the interactive installation exhibition Crowd Surfing. Saturday night at The 14Karat Cabaret is The Quiet Show where language artists such as Lauren Bender, Adam Robinson and Bob O’Brien coo to you through headphones and upstairs at the D:Center@MAP the performance/installation Crowd Surfing will be joined by local musicians Weekends. Each night at 10:30 in the lot behind Current Space after F.E.A.S.T. will be a stage show featuring Tabat Monroe, Puppet Tyranny, The House of Ebony’s Mini-Ball, Susanna Cook and many other radical, genre-defying artists." - Taken from For info on the fest including Schedules, locations, events, and hilarious photos of what you're in for:

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