Friday, June 8, 2012

Vendor Spotlight: A Fiber Circus

List your shop name and give a brief description of your work and process.
My name is Rachel Beckman and I sell under the name A Fiber Circus. The majority of my work consists of handwoven textiles as housewares (tea towels, rugs) and accessories (pins, scarves, buttons, etc.), but I also sell digitally printed fabric of my illustrated patterns.

Describe your studio. What makes it a creative space? 
I have a small (very small) room in my apartment that was fated to be a weaver's studio. I have it set up for maximum organization; the only way I can really get things done is if all of my tools and supplies are in their proper place and I can see all of my options laid out before me. Along one wall is an old linen closet with a million shelves- perfect for storing my yarn, all organized by color and fiber content. I have a table set up with a cutting mat, serger, sewing machine, and computer, peg boards on the wall for the little stuff like scissors, and in the center of the room? My loom! It's a tight space, and I have another loom on the way, but keeping it all tidy is my key to letting creativity flow.

Do you have anything new that shoppers can look forward to? 
Part of my goal in making all of these items from handwoven material is to create long-lasting textiles that everyone can enjoy and make a part of their daily life. In the works are more gender neutral products and color schemes, and I'm very excited to have bow ties available for the first time at Pile of Craft!

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