Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Vendor Spotlight: Yummy & Company

List your shop name and give a brief description of your work and process.
Yummy & Company;  I create one of a kind and limited edition handmade jewelry.  My designs are inspired by lots of things... cyanotypes, textiles, the outdoors,  and architecture to name a few.  A lot of my time is spent sketching and dreaming up ideas for motifs.  Ironically, though, when I get into the studio, I try to begin each piece organically and without a predetermined idea of what the outcome will be.   I've found this to be the best way for me to work!

What type of music do you listen to when you're hard at work? 
Music is a big part of my work.  I love how in an instant it can change the emotional landscape and trajectory of my work.  Right now I'm a little smitten with Willam Fitzsimmons, his work is dreamy, full of melancholy and he has a kick ass beard!  I listen to Tosca when I want to get lost in my work,  and Rodrigo & Gabriella is great when I want to just be overwhelmed by guitar awesomeness!

What is your favorite summer ritual?
I love summer and the arrival of fresh tomatoes and spinach.  I start my garden each year with the anticipation of a yummy harvest!  I also look forward to the first Margherita of the season!   Celebrating any sort of occasion and getting together with family and friends is my idea of fun! 

Describe your studio. What makes it a creative space?
My studio is in the house,  meaning I don't confine it all to one room and if it's nice out, I will set up shop on the front porch. (My hubby is a saint for putting up with this!)   I work odd hours, so it is nice to be able to just start working whenever, and wherever, rather than having to make a special trip to the studio.    When necessary though, I will invade my husband's shop- he's got every tool you could ever want to play with!   

Do you have anything new that shoppers can look forward to?
I've started to mix my clay work with vintage pieces- the end results are always a fun surprise!

Where else can we find your work (online or stores). 
The best place to find my work is at shows like Pile of Craft! Here's a link to all my upcoming shows.  I also have work at .925 the Silver Store in Fells Point, Art & Artisan in Ellicott CIty and Paradiso in Hampden, and you can always find my stuff on ETSY

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