Monday, November 19, 2012

Bazaart Craft Fair at AVAM Baltimore 11/23-24

BAZAART American Visionary Art Museum
800 Key Highway
Baltimore, MD 212130
Friday- 5:30-8pm ($20/$10 members)
Lite Fare, Beverages, Music & First dibs on handmade work!
Saturday - 10-5pm (FREE!)
Open to the public

This weekend, after stuffing yourself so full of root vegetables and trying a slice of every type of pie... You're probably thinking you'll be content lying belly up on the living room floor while family shuffles around you throwing footballs indoors... But know what would be even better? Getting out of the house and coming to the Visionary Art Museum in glorious Baltimore City for a festive start to your holiday shopping at BAZAART - A holiday marketplace of original creations!
Come visit a handful of Craft mafia members & 50+ talented local craft vendors and impress your extended family with your in-the-know status in the visionary arts community. Check out handmade pottery, sewn & knit goods, jewelry, screenprinted tees, printed stationary & papergoods, nifty upcycled housewares and so much more..... then you can carry it all back home and high five each other on Holiday Shopping Spree well done, while you make stuffing sandwiches and fight over who has to eat the cranberry sauce. Blechhhh. See you there, Baltimore!

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