Friday, June 24, 2011

Meet Pile of Craft Vendor, 2 hawks 2 fishes

Please describe your work in 140 characters.
2 hawks 2 fishes is a labor of love. If I print something, it's to see other people's faces light up the way mine did when i came up with the idea. I'll be bringing hand screen printed tea towels, bags, artist prints, cards, some shirts, and little books.

What I love about doing craft sales is I get to spend the day meeting new people, talking with old friends, and looking what great things other artists are making. Who wouldn't want to do that?

What's at the bottom of your "pile of craft?"

Probably my little cat Yoshi, who knows she's not allowed in the studio. She likes to sneak in and hide so she can be with me.

If I were to miss Pile of Craft (which would never happen!), where would I find more of your work?
You can see more of my work on my web site, or my on line shop,

June 25th is National Catfish Day AND National Strawberry Parfait Day! What would your National Food Holiday be?

Right now i think a national mango coconut ice cream day is what i could really go for.

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