Monday, June 13, 2011

Meet Pile of Craft Vendor, Hillery Sproatt

Please describe your work in 140 characters.
My prints, drawings, and embroidered objects are made with careful attention to detail and much care. I grew up around soft handmade goods and have always been interested in smallness. The smallness we sometimes feel, the smallness of special objects found and lost, the smallness of everything as it relates to everything else. As of late, I have been making men and women figures. I am excited by the intimacy of creation, the small details that describe the human figure, and each dolls lovingly familiar expressions drawn with stitches.

What's at the bottom of your "pile of craft?"
Scraps of paper, bits of thread, and a tiny brush.
If I were to miss Pile of Craft (which would never happen!), where would I find more of your work?
I just launched an online shop called Specks & Keepings. Specks & Keepings is a small shop filled with handmade and collected objects and design. It is a showcase of thoughtfully made goods that aim to inspire a simple lifestyle that is carefully shaped and chosen.

Specks & Keepings is an environment where I can continually share my new work along with wonderful objects made by talented artists from all over the country. The shop currently features handmade clothing, artwork and items for the home by Anschtecka, Adam Wolpa, Eric Stiner, Hillery Sproatt, Karen Thurman, Kotoa & Rebe. When browsing the shop, I hope people will be overwhelmed with a sense of wonder at the beauty of a handmade life. I aimed to create a shopping environment that encourages people to think about what it is they are bringing into their homes and into their lives. I believe on some level, our possessions are an extension of ourselves and they should speak to who we are as individuals. Things are always more beautiful when they mean something to us.

To see what pieces are currently available for sale, visit

June 25th is National Catfish Day AND National Strawberry Parfait Day! What would your National Food Holiday be?
Bread Puddings Day. My mom makes the most wonderful bread pudding.

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