Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Chop Shop

A BIG THANK YOU to one of our Holiday Heap sponsors:

A one-stop shop for all your hair, skin, and body needs! Owner, Lisa Hawkes always makes me feel like a queen! The chop shop is located at 4321 Harford Road in the heart of the Hamilton- Lauraville Mainstreet. I've been getting my hair cut at Chop Shop for several months now and it seems almost every day someone asks where I got it cut! Not only will they fix up your hair-- you will find these additional services to rave about:

* Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork

*Brow& Lash Tinting

*Facials & Body Treatments


*Bill the Barber (for the menfolk)

*A Movie Theatre (that's right, you can rent out a 20 person theatre,
how cool is that?)

Just when you thought it couldn't get better...
Chop Shop has an ART GALLERY

Contact the Chop Shop if you are interested in showcasing your work!
They looove supporting local artists!

Need a thoughtful gift this holiday season? I highly recommend a gift certificate to the Chop Shop! I'd like to have one under my tree...hint, hint!

Call 410.426.2300 to to set up an appointment with Lisa, Shannon, Nicole,
Arika, or Bill the barber.

Thank you, Chop Shop for your continued support of the Charm City Craft Mafia!!

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