Friday, December 2, 2011

Inside the Crafter's Studio

As we are counting down the final days, hours (so close, so close!) to Holiday Heap, we mafia members thought our shoppers and fellow vendors might appreciate a glimpse into the madness of our studios. This show is certainly the highlight of our year, and no amount of paper, thread, paint, or ink will keep us from celebrating the handmade with everyone!

Personally, I take a little comfort in knowing that my workspace isn't the only one out there that looks like a tornado has gone through it. Offcuts, glue pots, who needs em! Process does not impede work; seeing how other creative folks craft can also be so inspiring.

Cotton Monsters greet the world in the lovely studio above. Below, you can sneak a glimpse of prints and paintings in progress from Found Studio, followed by a well-lit but unintentionally collaged book-making space from Phampersand Press.

Just another day of wading through our crafty avalanches, and then it'll be time to celebrate the handmade season. See you Saturday!

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