Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Blog tour with fabric designer Heather Ross!

Hey, all you fabric-o-philes! Fabric designer and author Heather Ross is doing a whirlwind blog tour right now... you might have seen some of the posts about her new book all across the blogosphere. Check out the schedule below, and be sure to come back and visit on Friday, when Heather will stop in here at the CCCM blog to answer some burning questions! (pssst: there might be a really extra super compelling reason to comment on Friday's post, if you know what I mean...)

2/26 The Purl Bee
(Technically not part of the tour, but still, a beautiful article! Do check it out!)
3/9 Make , Grow , Gather
Interview with tales and pics of young Heather growing up in Vermont.

3/11 Heart Handmade
A Day in the Life of Heather Ross.
3/12 Disdressed
Q and A? Expose? Find out!

3/ 13 Freshly Blended
A fresh review of Heather and Weekend Sewing.

3/16 Whip-up
Illustrated sewing demo – learn fun tricks!

3/17 House on Hill Rd.
Erin shows off her lovely finished projects, and asks Heather about her inspiration for each.

3/18 Belle Epoque
Fit and style. Know what you sew, win a book! – Part 1

3/19 True up
Fabric design - Process and inspiration - Part 1

3/20 Charm City Craft Maffia blog
Heather burns rubber heading to signings in DC and Baltimore, with the Charm City Craft Mafia in hot pursuit!

3/23 Philly Etsy Team blog
On the road again…this time to a sewing weekend at Spool in Philly. The Street Team investigates, and throws the book at a lucky winner!

3/25 Knotions
Fit and style. Know what you sew, and win a book! – Part 2

3/26 Cathy of California
Heather discusses her old school inspirations and aesthetic!

3/30 Wardrobe Re-fashion
Spring into DIY fashion, win a book!

3/31 Thisisloveforever
Fabric design - Process and inspiration with fabric giveaway - Part 2
4/1 Craftypod
Book review and giveaway…no April Fool’s joke!

4/7 Etsy’s The Storque
How-Tuesday! Virtual project demo from the Etsy Headquarters! http://www.etsy.com/storque

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