Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Nothing says "I Love You" like delicious, delicious bacon

Do you have a fan of bacon in your life? Know someone who just loves fried, salted pork products? Why not help them celebrate this tasty breakfast meat with some bacon-inspired craft!

1. Egg & Bacon Ring by I am Snizzle.
2. Super Breakfast Set (vegan soaps!) by Dirty Ass Soap.
3. Upcycled Maple Bacon Notebook by Ivy Lane Designs.
4. Vegan Bacon Chocolate Bar by Choco a Gogo. (aside: Ma Petite Shoe in Hampden has a bacon-chocolate bar... has anyone tried it?)
5. What's Shakin Bacon? letterpressed card by Pinkeye
6. Unsettlingly Real-Looking Felted Bacon Scarf by Chris Chunski.

While you're waiting for your bacon crafts to arrive in the mail, you might find yourself hungry for even more internet bacon entertainment (really, who doesn't). Check out Bacon Today, your comprehensive news resource for breakthroughs in the Bacon universe. Feeling bard-like? There are always haikus. Or if you just want to look at a beautiful piece of crispy bacon, dodge around it as you try to read your blogs, just tack to whatever you're reading. Genius!

And finally, just a little shout-out to our friends in Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland: Scrapple Craft

The fine and delicious qualities of this breakfast meat are too many to contain in this post, but 'til next time, feast your crafty-eyes on these collaborative Scrapple-inspired goodies by Leah Mackin and Julianna Lose from Philadelphia, PA.

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gradschoolknitter said...

I have tried the bacon-chocolate bar from Hampden (bought more or less as a joke for my brother) and I was not impressed. In fact, I really hated it. But I think it's mostly a matter of opinion (or perhaps more aptly put, taste) as my bro loved it.