Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Meet Holiday Heap's Biggs & Featherbelle!

Sisters Kelly and Kasey Evick created Biggs & Featherbelle in January 2003. A magazine article inspired the pair to make 'melt and pour' glycerin soaps as Christmas presents. With backgrounds in the Fine Arts and Fashion, the two had fun creating unique recipes, packaging and clever names for each item. The gifts were a big hit then and now seven years later, they are still providing products that everyone enjoys!

In three words or less, please tell us about yourself.
The Soap Sisters.

If your work had a theme song, what would it be?
Ozzy Ozbourne - Mama I'm coming home. It's hard not to sing it when you are cutting up hundreds of bars of Momma Bar....everyone does it. Corny....yes.

It's a typical Wednesday night. Where are you?
Eating a late dinner at home trying to wind down and watching survivor.

If you could create a craft, other than your craft, what craft would you craft?
Anything with fabric!

Grilled or deep fried?
Grilled and preferably with cheese!

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