Thursday, November 18, 2010

Meet Holiday Heap's Cutesy but not Cutesy!

Diane Koss carried around stuffed animals throughout her childhood. Today, she makes one-of-a-kind monsters for her shop, Cutesy but not Cutesy.

In three words or less, please tell us about yourself.
Fluffbeast Connoisseur

If your work had a theme song, what would it be?
REM's Furry Happy Monsters. Hands down.

It's a typical Wednesday night. Where are you?
I'm on my living room floor surrounded by fluff, laptop by my side chatting with some of my favorite fellow business owners, listening to Pandora radio, and possibly eating a cupcake of sorts.

If you could create a craft, other than your craft, what craft would you craft?
In college I was a jewelry designer for a little while and I miss working with metals sometimes.  But I also have always been interested in printing (screen, letterpress, etc) and bookmaking.  So maybe that, since it's something I've never really done for an extended period of time before.

Grilled or deep fried?

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