Thursday, November 25, 2010

Meet Holiday Heap's Tasha McKelvey!

When googling "Tasha McKelvey," you'll find her listed under "handmade clay goodness." Her woodland and garden-inspired pottery is sure to be a huge Holiday Heap hit.

In three words or less, please tell us about yourself.
Pottery Making Fool

If your work had a theme song, what would it be?
The Beatles' "Blackbird"

It's a typical Wednesday night. Where are you?
Hanging out or in the studio working - if I'm lucky I might get to have a beer.

If you could create a craft, other than your craft, what craft would you craft?

Quilting, I just love quilts and patchwork!

Grilled or deep fried?
Deep Fried!

1 comment:

Sweet Pepita said...

Blackbird is one of the bedtime songs we sing to our daughter every night!