Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Meet Holiday Heap's Bmore Papercuts!

The Charm City Craft Mafia could not be more excited about this year's Holiday Heap! With only 17 days left before St John's Church is packed with artistic mayhem, let's introduce you to some of our show's amazing vendors and let you see what really makes these crafters tick!

Meet Bmore Papercuts!

In three words or less, please tell us about yourself.
Papercutter. Puppeteer. Performer.

If your work had a theme song, what would it be?
No specific song but something with accordions in it like the
soundtrack to Amélie!

It's a typical Wednesday night. Where are you?

If you could create a craft, other than your craft, what craft would you craft?
Anything related to printmaking, silkscreen and letterpress.

Grilled or deep fried?
I should say grilled but my true answer has to be fried.

[Editor's note: There will be a quiz - with prize! - at Holiday Heap about these favorite vendors. Keep reading. More details soon.]

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