Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Meet Holiday Heap Vendor, Anschtecka & Hillery

List your shop name and give a brief description of your work and process.
Anschtecka & Hillery is a collection of handmade goods by Annika Blomberg and Hillery Sproatt.
Hillery Sproatt's collection of lovingly hand painted etchings and hand embroidered dolls & mobiles is reminiscent of folk tales and cave drawings. Her interest in symbols, narrative, and smallness lend each of her special handmade objects a sort of history and whimsy. Hillery's artworks are made with careful attention to detail and much care.

The Anschtecka collection by artist, Annika Blomberg is made from reclaimed materials and cutting room scraps. The Anschtecka collection includes handmade backpacks, braided pins and pouches, jewelry and accessories. Annika spends a good part of her time searching for interesting objects and materials and she is passionately dedicated to the process of re-examining the function and form of her materials. She has a beautiful ability to see past what things are, into what they can be. Annika’s work is just as much about breathing new life into discarded and forgotten things as it is about making beautiful and interesting objects.

Other than Holiday Heap, where can we find you for purchases (online or stores).
You can shop both Annika and Hillery's special handmade objects year round at Specks & Keepings.

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