Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Meet Holiday Heap Vendor, Tigerlillyshop

List your shop name and give a brief description of your work and process.

Tigerlillyshop. I take collected nature things that I collect around Baltimore like budding branches, acorns, leaves, feathers and preserve them with metal.  I make one of a kind metal jewelry and preserved elements cast from nature or encased in copper using the electroforming process. I also make a line of button jewelry using kimono fabrics. 

Where do you find inspiration?

I collect specimen around Baltimore, seeking out spaces where urban life meets the natural landscape in parks and city gardens. I find oak trees that drop the tiniest acorns, maples that throw giant "helicopters", and secret places in Patterson Park's natural treasures.

Other than Holiday Heap, where can we find you for purchases (online or stores).

You can find my work locally at Emporium Collagia in Fells Point or in my etsy store:

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